This is a blog on finance and investing (see NO FINANCIAL ADVICE disclaimer below). SciPre is short for Science of Prediction.

We can roughly predict the future if we know the present and have studied the past carefully. As someone said: History does not repeat, but it rhymes. It has long been a quest of mine to understand happiness, the importance of wealth as it applies to happiness, wealth creation, the role of financial markets in wealth creation, and ultimately understanding human behavior well enough to anticipate markets.

I hope you will enjoy reading, and I welcome your comments.

NO FINANCIAL ADVICE – The information on this forum is provided without any express or implied warranty of any kind. This information does NOT constitute financial or investment advice. The information is general in nature, and is not specific to the reader. YOU SHOULD NOT MAKE ANY DECISION, FINANCIAL, INVESTMENTS, TRADING OR OTHERWISE, BASED ON ANY OF THE INFORMATION PRESENTED ON THIS FORUM WITHOUT UNDERTAKING INDEPENDENT DUE DILIGENCE AND CONSULTATION WITH A PROFESSIONAL BROKER OR COMPETENT FINANCIAL ADVISOR.

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