SciPre Portfolio : Jan 1, 2017

Here’s what the SciPre portfolio looks like as of 1/1/2017.

Asset class Ticker Allocation
Australia stock EWA 5.0%
Brazil stock EWZ 5.0%
Chile stock ECH 5.0%
Egypt stock EGPT 5.0%
Emerging Markets local bond EBND 10.0%
Emerging Markets USD bond VWOB 5%
Global value GVAL 5.0%
Gold GLD 5.0%
Gold miner stock GDX 5.0%
Greece stock GREK 5.0%
Hong Kong listed China stock FXI 5.0%
Intermediate-Term Corporate bond VCIT 5.0%
Italy stock EWI 5.0%
Nigeria stock NGE 5.0%
Poland stock EPOL 5.0%
Russia stock RSX 5.0%
South Korea stock EWY 5.0%
Spain stock EWP 5.0%
Turkey stock TUR 5.0%
Total 100.0%

First things first. I do not recommend this portfolio to anybody. Each individual’s risk appetite is specific to that individual, and one portfolio could not possibly serve all.

Second, the SciPre portfolio combines ideas of valuation and diversification across asset classes and geographical regions. I have put much thought into the design of this portfolio. However, allocations are deliberately simplified. Future posts will illustrate many of the ideas that went into this portfolio’s construction.

Finally, the tickers are usually those of ETFs that serve the mentioned asset class. I include tickers so that the perfomance of the SciPre portfolio can be tracked. I am not recommending these specific ETF products. In each asset class, there may be mutual funds and ETFs that have lower costs or more desirable features.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are mine alone. I am not offering advice or recommending any product. I may own some of the asset classes and tickers mentioned above, but may not own others. Consult your financial advisor befor making financial decisions.

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